Intellivision Will Live On The DS

Growing up, I only ever had one friend that owned an Intellivision. Whenever I hung out there, we'd fire up that bad boy and I remember marveling at how awesome the graphics were. Seems silly now, but when Adventure! on the Atari 2600 is your favorite game, seeing Intellivision in action was amazing. I still love Adventure! even today, but you're still only a box on the screen.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing this in September and getting my retro gaming on!

B-17 Bomber Shark! Shark! Space Armada Thin Ice Thunder Castle
Tower of Doom

Virtual Play Games Announces Intellivision Lives!

Classic Console games for Nintendo DS provide fun for the whole family

Los Angeles - (July 30, 2010) - Virtual Play Games, a global Console and PC video game publisher announced today the release of one of the most recognizable classic games in video game history by bringing Intellivision Lives! to the Nintendo DS family of hand-held systems.

"Virtual Play Games is very excited to bring Intellivision Lives! to a broader audience at a time when both adults and kids are enjoying casual games even more than ever", said Virginie Grange, Business Development for Virtual Play Games.

"2010 being the 30th anniversary of the Intellivision console, I'm looking forward to seeing how many new fans will discover Intellivision thanks to this DS version. The Nintendo DS is the perfect platform for the classic Intellivision games", said Keith Robinson, Owner of Intellivision Productions.

Intellivision Lives! includes over 60 different games including, Astrosmash, B-17 Bomber, Shark! Shark!, Motocross, Space Cadet, Thin Ice and many more classics, giving players countless hours of enjoyable play. The iconic space ships, robots, sharks, etc. makes it fun for both kids and parents. For the nostalgic players, they will recognize the 12 button key-pad displayed on the screen that made it so easy to play. The game also features games not released at the time of its original launch as well as Head-to-Head local wireless game play.

A preview of the game will be available at the Classic Gaming Expo taking place in Las Vegas on July 31-August 1st, 2010

Intellivision Lives! will be available at retail in September of 2010.