CES 2010: BioShock 2 Multiplayer

Let me start off, as I usually do when it comes to multiplayer, not a big fan of it. In fact with this title, I was loathing the fact it was having multiplayer added as it generally ruins the single player game. BioShock being one of those games that is all about the single player story since the first. But this was quickly quelled by playing the game and digging deeper into what actually happened to get this into the standard game. Both on a gameplay side and developer side.

On the game play side of things, it almost feels like you are playing against a really strong AI outside of actual humans. At least in most cases. The HUD, controls and all the options actually lend themselves really well to keeping it feel like you are still running around Rapture to save your own ass more than other FPS's where it seems like you should be going out and killing for fun. If that makes sense. In the end the design feels closer to playing BioShock single player with the NPCs controled by humans. I mean, you are even able to hack turrets and vending machines and pair up plasmids in the same tactics you would while running solo.

As the design side goes, the multipler wasn't even handled by 2K Boston. In fact it was handed off to the same geneouses that brought the game to the PS3. So the team working on the single player didn't even have to worry about working on the multiplayer too. In fact, the multiplayer was done months before the single player, giving them time to add in 3 more modes totalling to 7 multiplayer modes now. Including a Capture The Little Sister mode where a team of Big Daddies needs to protect the sisters from the other team.

I for one had a blast with this "demo" they were showing off. Even though I hate multiplayer most of the time, this one was done so perfect, I might be losing points on my "Hating Multiplayer" tote board. I can't even begin to explain how excited I am now for BioShock 2 to hit stores. Knowing now that the single player has been ridiculously vamped up and seeing an early version of the multiplayer, the final product will be fully worth the money.

One last thing that kind of follows suit but a little unrelated. While playing, it ran so smooth with no lag, it felt like we were all hooked together on a local LAN. But after finishing our match, we found out that it was all running off Sprints new 4G they had up. It was seemless and beautiful.