PAX 2009 Impression: Torchlight On October 27th 2009, Runic Games will be releasing an Action Role Playing Game called Torchlight.  Action RPG huh, so you mean like Diablo? Yes, just like Diablo. It’s not as dark, nor as scary as Diablo, but the feel and the controls of the game would make it Diablo-ish.  But they aren’t stopping there. Runic Games is planning on making the game into a MMO, a FREE to play MMO, but will not be available until sometime in the future. They will probably be like Blizzard and they will release it when it’s done, and not rush its release.

While the MMO is being developed, the single player mode will have 3 classes for you play, the Alchemist, Destroyer, and Vanquisher. The Alchemist is your spell caster for those who like magic missiles, while the Destroyers are those who enjoy killing beasts with large weapons, and finally the Vanquisher is for those who like to use range weapons. Each class has their own pet and they get to choose from a dog to a cat. Yes a cat folks…a cat. Just like any Action RPG, you have your skill points and talent points to make the game easier and enjoyable as you go through the game. Graphically it is more cartoonish then trying to feel and look realistic. 

The question I had to ask was, “Since players will be going from single player to the MMO, will players get to keep their levels or will they have to start over?” The reply that I got is, “Yes, players will start over when switching from the single-player to the MMO”. So I get you are wondering, why would I waste my time with the single-player if they are coming out with the MMO? The single-player is used as an introduction to the game before you tackle the MMO world. 

Torchlight is scheduled to be released on October 27th and is for the PC. What’s awesome is that it does not require that much to run the game, as even older PCs can run the game smoothly. With a $20 price tag and available as a downloadable title, you can not go wrong with picking this game up.