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by Greg Tatterfield [ Thursday, 15th of May 2014 - 05:00 PM ]
Bethesda has release the launch trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order and we have it here. Bethesda has released a new trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order which releases next week. The new trailer shows plenty of bloody ways to kill Nazis. Or as B.J. puts it; shooting, stabbing and strangling Nazis. The launch trailer also gives you more of an insight into B.J. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Monday, 10th of March 2014 - 05:00 PM ]
Activision has announced the new map pack Devastation for Call Of Duty Ghosts. We take a look at what to expect. Next month Call Of Duty Ghosts fans have new DLC offering in the form of Devastation. Activision has confirmed a release date of April 3rd for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The date has not been announced for other platforms yet but it's usually 30 days later. Devastation includes four new multiplayer maps and a new extinction episode. Ruins — Set in South America within a Mayan temple. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Thursday, 6th of March 2014 - 06:00 PM ]
Sniper Elite III has been given a release date, pre-order bonuses, and a collector's edition. Here are the details. Sniper fans rejoice! 505 Games have just announced a release date for Sniper Elite III. 505 also revealed a pre-order bonus and a collector’s edition too. Sniper Elite III will be released on July 1st on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The PC version will be arriving a bit early on June 27th. For those who pre-order will receive an extra mission called Hunt The Gray Wolf. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Wednesday, 19th of February 2014 - 06:00 PM ]
Wolfenstein The New Order gets a release date, new trailer, and pre-order bonuses. Check them out. For fans of Nazi killing, I have some great news Bethesda has announced the release date for Wolfenstein The New Order. The game will release on May 20th 2014 in North America and May 23rd 2014 throughout Europe for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Bethesda did not stop there. They also promised a little something extra for those who pre-order. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Tuesday, 11th of February 2014 - 06:00 PM ]
Here is a short list of what I think should be in the next WWE title or WWE 2K15. The WWE has been heating up lately with WrestleMania 30 coming just around the corner in a couple months. The exciting story lines and the looming Elimination Chamber PPV has got me thinking about what I would want in the next WWE game. Here is my wish list for WWE 2K15. 1. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Monday, 3rd of February 2014 - 06:00 PM ]
Here's a list of game titles that I think you should be watching for in 2014. Did your favorite make the list? Now that 2013 is in the books and 2014 is already rolling we have a great year of new games to look forward to. With the new consoles, 2014 will be an important year to build their library of games with quality titles. With the already great games planed, 2014 promises to be a great year. With so many great games it could be hard to choose the best looking games. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Monday, 18th of November 2013 - 06:16 PM ]
We Sit Down And Revie The new Call Of Duty is here and it’s that time again for players to put many hours into the games' multiplayer. This time it's Infinity Ward up to bat with Call Of Duty: Ghosts. This is part two of our Call Of Duty: Ghosts review and you can check out our Campaign review here. Hated The annual Call Of Duty games are usually pretty solid but Ghosts' multiplayer has some glaring issues that can’t be ignored. Perhaps the biggest issue is the spawning. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Tuesday, 5th of November 2013 - 11:27 PM ]
We Review WWE 2K14. D? After THQ closed down many wondered what would happen to the annual WWE franchise but thanks to 2K games we are here with WWE 2K14. WWE 2k14 holds a great number of improvements over its predecessor and makes an upgrade well worth the cash. Hated There were not many things that I hated about WWE 2K14 as the annual entries are always pretty solid. My only gripe was the games commentary. More than half of the commentary for this game seems to be taken from previous entries or said in a slightly different way. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Wednesday, 9th of October 2013 - 05:33 PM ]
I am back with another update on Telltale's next epic episodic game series The Wolf Among Us. Telltale has announced that the first episode of The Wolf Among Us will be available on the Xbox 360, PC and Mac on October 11th. Telltale did not mention a PS3 release date but did say that it should be out a few days after the other platforms. I'm going to guess October 15th as that will be the day of the next PSN update. The first episode will cost $4. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Saturday, 5th of October 2013 - 07:37 PM ]
Telltale has confirmed that their new game, The Wolf Among Us, is now open for pre-order. Telltale did not mention a release date but did say the game will be out by the end of October. A season pass will set you back $24.99 but you can nab it for a discounted price of $22.49 through Steam and Telltale’s official website. If you purchase through Telltale you will receive a making of DVD at the end of the season although shipping will be on you. Check out my earlier coverage of the game here and a trailer for the game below. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Wednesday, 25th of September 2013 - 10:29 PM ]
Last Monday during Raw 2K Sports revealed the full roster for their upcoming game WWE 2K14. The roster features a nice balance between legends and current generation superstars. There are a few standouts here like Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (The Shield) who are in a WWE game for the first time ever. Also the previously announced Hulk Hogan was also a surprise due to his affiliation with rival company TNA. Unfortunately with how great this roster is there are a few main stays and up and comers that are missing. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Monday, 23rd of September 2013 - 04:57 PM ]
WWE fans have a lot to look forward to next month with the introduction of the new Pay-Per-View Battleground and the release of the annual WWE game. Last year WWE 13 took a look at the infamous Attitude Era. This year WWE 2K14 is looking at the biggest event in WWE history; WrestleMania. The new single player mode 30 years of WrestleMaina covers some of the greatest matches from WrestleMaina 1 to last year's WrestleMaina 29. Just as with Attitude Mode there will be historical objectives that can be completed to recreate the match just as it happened and gain bonus unlocks. 2K Sports has revealed all the matches included in the 30 Years of WrestleMaina mode, check below for the whole list. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Monday, 16th of September 2013 - 06:42 PM ]
Last year Blizzard released Diablo III on PC to great reviews and critical acclaim. Now months after the PC release, console gamers get a chance to play the superb dungeon crawler. I am among the people who got their hands on Diablo III late since I am exclusively a console gamer. This review will be more for console gamers who have never played Diablo III, since I can’t speak for the original PC version because I have never played it. I will however touch upon the differences between PC and the console ports. What I hated: There were not many things that I hated about Diablo III. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Friday, 16th of August 2013 - 03:59 PM ]
In 2006 Volition released the original Saints Row. Starting as a Grand Theft Auto clone, Saints Row has long since found its own identity. Here we are on the series' fourth installment and the game is even crazier and over the top than it ever has been. It's clear that Volition and Deep Silver held nothing back in the development of this latest Saints adventure. Saints Row IV takes place a little after Saints Row The Third. The leader of The Third Street Saints has been elected president of The United States. Read More...
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by Greg Tatterfield [ Friday, 12th of July 2013 - 04:59 PM ]
Many old school fans of Ubisoft's Splinter Cell series were disappointed with Conviction's heavier focus on action. Ubisoft realized this and added a new difficulty mode to Blacklist called Perfectionist Mode. Intended for Splinter Cell purists this mode removes your mark/execute ability and takes away your ability to see through walls with Sam's sonar goggles. This mode increases enemy difficulty in both stealth and combat as well as does not allow players to restock ammo at supply caches. This mode is really unique because it brings the series back to the original three games in the franchise where the only thing that you have to rely on is your night vision goggles and the shadows. Read More...
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