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Tom Clancyâs The Division 2 Has Been Officially Announced
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 9th of March 2018 - 03:00 PM ]
The Division It looks like The Division 2 is officially coming at us soon as we now have the announcement that The Division 2 is in the works and building from the past Fans of The Division will be glad to see that after two years of fun they are finally going to be getting The Division 2. Yes, it has been announced and heading to us at some point and from Massive Entertainment again. There is no word on when, but know that The Division 2 is definitely coming and with an upgraded version of the Snowdrop engine and with all the lessons learned from the last two years of The Division. That is at least good to hear and not just another title being thrown out there by Ubisoft to cash in more. Read More...
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Tom Clancy's The Division Is Officially Getting A Film Now Too
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 2nd of August 2016 - 05:00 PM ]
The Division Rumors of The Division getting a full length feature film have been put to rest as The Division is now officially getting the film treatment for us all The rumors from last month look to have now been confirmed as we are now getting a feature film based on The Division. Just what everyone wanted out the MMO-like title that Ubisoft pumped out to us earlier this year…I think. In the end it looks like with the successful completion of their other film titles based on their game IPs, they wanted to make sure we all had more of The Division than just DLC and expansion that are already planned. At least that is how they have been approaching everything from Assassin's Creed to Watch Dogs lately. Read More...
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Watch Ubisoft's 2016 E3 Press Conference Right Here
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 13th of June 2016 - 04:00 PM ]
E3 2016 Can't Be At E3 2016 Or The Ubisoft Press Conference? We Have You Covered With The Live Stream Straight From E3 2016 Not everything is going to be on the show floor of E3 2016 and because of that we have these huge press conferences and here we go with Ubisoft's huge event just before the doors open for us all. Just as the games and announcements they have for E3 2016 not all of us will be able to be there on the show floor to see them as well. Thankfully we live in the age of live streaming and we can watch the press conference through multiple online avenues. Read More...
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The Division Will Expand & Grow Over The Next Foreseeable Year
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 3rd of March 2016 - 05:00 PM ]
The Division The first expansions and updates for The Division have been announced and all part of the recently announced Season Pass for The Division We all knew that The Division was going to be getting a Season Pass and that it was going to be coming with at least three expansions for the game. It wouldn't be an Ubisoft title if it didn't have some form of DLC to entice gamers to drop more cash. As it is releasing next week, March 8th, it was looking like all we were going to be hearing about in detail was the first expansion and then we would have to wait and see what was coming for The Division. Read More...
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Just See How Pretty The Division Can Truly Be
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 29th of February 2016 - 05:00 PM ]
The Division Two new videos for The Division have been released to show just how the PC version of The Division will blow minds and eyes away By now you have hopefully had a chance to give The Division a quick little run around via the most recent beta. Or at least by now you should know that the game is going to be really pretty on all the platforms it is hitting on March 8th. Yes, Ubisoft went out of the way to make The Division look good on the PS4 and Xbox One and not just leave it to the PC gamers out there to have the best experience possible. At least best in terms of visuals and how one can be transported into New York City after the fall of society. Read More...
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It Is Time To Enter The Division's Open Beta
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 17th of February 2016 - 05:00 PM ]
The Division The open beta for The Division starts up this weekend and we have a few new looks at The Division as well as what to expect with the updates and additions to the game If you forgot in the mix of all of the other betas, closed accesses, and all that jazz here recently then let us remind you that the open beta for The Division is going to be up and running here in a few days. Of course that all depends on which platform you choose to experience it on as Ubisoft is giving the Xbox One users a full 24 hours extra to play and experience The Division before the PS4 and PC gamers out there. Officially it all goes down on the 19th to the 21st or 18th to the 21st depending. Read More...
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Meet The Division's Enemies As Well As Your Own To Survive
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 9th of February 2016 - 03:00 PM ]
The Division A new look at the enemy factions of The Division has been released as well as details on an open beta for The Division coming in about a week's time If you had the joy of playing in The Division's closed beta recently then you most likely got a good look at some of the other factions trying to control the innocent people of New York in the game. I am still not sure how so many innocent people still survive in the world here as all of the factions look to be just as brutal as the next but The Division had to give us something to fight for right? Ubisoft wouldn't have a great game here if they didn't. Read More...
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The Division Is Getting A Season Pass Worth Of DLC Too
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 29th of January 2016 - 05:00 PM ]
The Division The season pass for The Division has been announced and offers up gamers three major expansions for The Division post-launch as well as other goodies The beta for The Division is now fully underway and it looks like there are going to be some extras to be able to get for those who fall in love with the game based on just this beta. Of course these won't be free extras as that isn't usually the case with games like this or out of Ubisoft but a whole bunch of extras in the way of a Season Pass for The Division. That or you can see it as three different expansion packs for the game that will be released after the main title hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8th. Read More...
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A Live Action Series Has Landed For The Division To Watch Now
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 20th of January 2016 - 05:00 PM ]
The Division A new live action series for The Division has been released and helps gives some insight on what is going on in the world of The Division outside of society falling and murder The Division has its big beta coming up here at the end of the month but for those unlucky enough to not get in on it they may be stuck waiting around until March 8th to experience the game's world on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Well that is if they so choose to skip the latest live action series that Ubisoft has put together for everyone to show off The Division's story and world that has been crafted. There are a bunch of reasons to why we are shooting a bunch of people and saving others in The Division after all and this gives us all yet another glimpse at that. Read More...
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The Division's Beta Is Going To Be Here Before January Ends
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 19th of January 2016 - 05:00 PM ]
The Division The dates for The Division's beta test has been revealed and we all will soon be having a taste of what The Division has to offer us all We finally have a date for the beta test for The Division and it is only a little over a week away. Of course it is closer for those who pre-ordered the game on Xbox One but Ubisoft is only given them a slight head start in terms of a day. That day of course being January 28th for those users. Those gamers who chose to get The Division on the PS4 and/or PC will have to wait until January 29th to join the fun but at least it will all run to the end of the month. Read More...
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See The Journey That The Division's Agents Will Be Taking
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 13th of January 2016 - 05:00 PM ]
The Division A new trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division has been released and it looks to detail the journey that The Division's agents will take throughout the game Hopefully you haven't been waiting too patiently for more on The Division as we head into the new year here. March 8th is still the day that the game will be releasing but we all know Ubisoft has been a bit light on the true announcements for The Division as well as when the beta for the game would be going live. That all ends now as we have another great in-game trailer for The Division that happens to show off the epic and explosive journey we will have when playing as one of the agents in the game. Also maybe some insight on when The Division's beta will go live. Read More...
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Time For A Bit More Story On Tom Clancy's The Division
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 3rd of July 2015 - 12:59 PM ]
We've seen a lot of gameplay for Tom Clancy's The Division but only a bit of story but thankfully here is a bit more on that for The Division There are a lot of people out there excited for The Division to finally launch on March 8th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. I know I am excited to see if the visual quality is upheld by Ubisoft or just upgraded for E3 demos and such. I also know that a lot of people flipped over The Division after seeing the new gameplay at E3. Maybe not on my social accounts but it was all the buzz around the booths on the show floor. Read More...
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Watch Ubisoft's 2014 E3 Press Conference Right Here
by Julia Thompson [ Monday, 9th of June 2014 - 06:00 PM ]
Can't be at E3 2014 or the Ubisoft Press Conference? We have you covered with the live stream below Here we go with what Ubisoft has to show us for all of their games at E3. I am so ready to see some Assassin's Creed Unityor Comet. You have absolutely no idea how excited I am for those two titles to come out and I am sure that Ubisoft is going to make a huge showing just like they did with Black Flag in the past. So excited. If Assassin's Creed isn't your cup of tea don't worry as Ubisoft has also stated that they are going to be showing off new stuff for The Division, The Crew, and Far Cry 4. Read More...
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Delays Strike Again And This Time It Is For The Division
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 15th of May 2014 - 03:00 PM ]
The Dev Team for The Division has just announced that the game will be delayed until 2015 now. Looks like we are going to have to wait even longer for The Division as it has been delayed until 2015 now. The reason behind this is…well not fully defined. If you look at the official statement about the delay below you will see that they claim that it is not to compromise quality of the game but there is no real definition there either. Not even the generic "it needs more polish" kind of excuse. All that is known is that we will not be seeing The Division until sometime in 2015. Read More...
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This Week In Gaming 3/24/14 â 3/28/14
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 28th of March 2014 - 07:00 PM ]
A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here's A Recap Of What We Covered In Gaming. This felt like the most bi-polar week in gaming news in a long while. It all started out rather slow and then we were flooded with all kinds of new stuff to look forward to. The biggest bit of gaming news being with Batman: Arkham Knight's new character and gameplay mechanics; not to mention the huge purchase of Oculus by Facebook. Cyber stalking to a whole new level if things go as was speculated earlier this week. All kinds of crazy stuff here in the gaming world. Read More...
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