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Review: Cognition: Episode 1: The Hangman
by Kenton Winkfield [ Thursday, 27th of December 2012 - 01:33 PM ]
I am a lover of murder mystery games, but rarely do I get one that keeps me begging for more. Enter Cognition, an episodic Murder mystery game from indie developers, Phoenix Online Studios. Cognition places you in the shoes of Erica Reed, and FBI Agent in Boston, MA that has the ability to see the ability to see the past of any object she touches. She must use this ability, and several other developing abilities to solve cases and locate murders. Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman starts with Agent Reed and Agent John McCoy racing to a cemetery where Ericka Reed’s brother was taken after being kidnapped by The Cain Killer, a serial killer who kills sets of siblings, a brother and a sister. Read More...
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Let Me Spoil The First Few Minutes Of BioShock Infinite For You
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 19th of December 2012 - 03:16 PM ]
If you followed the link in then you already know what you are in store for. That's right a fancy-chair-sitting, slow-rowing, low action packed romp around the coast of Maine in 1912 in-game for BioShock Infinite. My words won't do it any justice here, so I'll just let you hop on down and watch. Just in case you still haven't caught on, this is the first few minutes for BioShock Infinite. So if you want to experience everything for the first time in March, you might just want to skip the video. For everyone else, there is nothing really spoiled except the first few minutes which play out similar to BioShock's opening. Read More...
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Review: Gateways
by Kenton Winkfield [ Wednesday, 19th of December 2012 - 01:03 PM ]
A game to bring back the old-style platformers from yester-decade, Gateways is a 2D portal platformer from Indie Developers Smudged Cat Games, makers of The Adventures of Shuggy. Gateways has you take control of Ed, a scientist who has mysteriously woken up in his lab to find that his creations have escaped their containment and are running amuck. As he runs to escape his lab, he must find and use several of his new creations in order to traverse past several of his own security systems. He must use all his various portal devices to teleport, resize, rotate, and even go back in time in order to reach his control center, and ultimately escape his own lab. Read More...
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Just In Case You Missed The New Tomb Raider Trailer...
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 11th of December 2012 - 07:11 PM ]
Did you miss the new Tomb Raider trailer like I did? I'm sure you did as it was being over shadowed during the 2012 VGAs with some video engineer's want to show more of the orchestra than the actual trailer. Good news for you and me then as below we have the trailer that was playing in the background. Just like the screen shots we posted earlier this month it looks spectacular. Especially now that you can see it in one sitting without cut-a-ways to other things that most of us don't care about when looking for new game play for Tomb Raider. Read More...
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New Metro: Last Light Trailer
by Matt Waitt [ Tuesday, 11th of December 2012 - 05:28 PM ]
The guys over at THQ and 4A Games have released a new game play trailer for Metro: Last Light. The trailer has the main character, Artyom, reciting a passage from the Christian bible. I believe the passage is Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 2:3. The passage explains how God created the earth in six days and then rested on the seventh. But enough about religious mythology. Let's talk about how amazing this game looks. Read More...
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BioShock Infinite Delayed For Some Polishing?
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 10th of December 2012 - 12:35 PM ]
It has been let loose that we will all be waiting an extra month for BioShock Infinite to hit the market. The new release date being March 26th 2013. The reason, to add more polish to the game before it gets released to the masses. Hasn't this been the excuse before? BioShock Infinite was originally slated to come out back in October but was pushed out and then there was silence about the game. With the amount of polish and bug checking Irrational Games is going to be in a world of hurt if there is even one mediocre flaw in the game. Not from myself but the gaming community at large. Read More...
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New Tomb Raider Screens Burning Into My Eyes
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 7th of December 2012 - 06:52 PM ]
It's hard to believe that we haven't had anything of worth to write about for the upcoming Tomb Raider re-boot since E3. Yes there has been the announcement of the launch date (3/5/2013) and the collector's edition of the game, but all of the visuals and details of the game have kind of been in hiding. For the most part they still are, but at least we have a few new screen shots to show. One of them kind of shows the weapon progression for the game at that. Read More...
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I Wanted To Hire Agent 47 To Go After My Friends But...
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 4th of December 2012 - 06:19 PM ]
In the case that you haven't heard about it yet, Square Enix and IO Interactive created a little app that would allow you to place virtual hits on your Facebook friends. All to help promote the amazing game Hitman: Absolution. It has since been taken down with no note if it will be back at this time. "Why was it taken down?" you may be thinking. Read More...
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Review: Call Of Duty: Black Ops II
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 26th of November 2012 - 12:20 PM ]
It's that time of year again. Time for the annual installment of the Call of Duty franchise. Time for the follow up to Black Op appropriately given the sequel moniker of 2. With all of that, let's see how it held up compared to all the others of the past. At least as it goes in the Campaign Mode. Story It's a foreseeable future and there is a "cyber" terrorist gearing up to bring the major super powers to their knees over something that happened in the past. The past being the mid 80's just for reference. It is up to a Special Forces team to figure out what is going, stop it from happening, and capture the mastermind behind everything. Read More...
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Hands-On: DmC Demo
by Matt Waitt [ Wednesday, 21st of November 2012 - 12:43 PM ]
After playing the demo to DmC (Devil May Cry, which came out yesterday) it is safe to say that any naysayers or trash talkers have simply shut their mouths. I remember when the first trailer came out, I was completely stoked for this reboot of the franchise and it looked amazing. Plus I thought the new Dante looked like a total bad ass and not a pretty boy like the original. Shouts of "The new Dante is a tool" and "I miss the old Dante, this new one sucks!" seem to have disappeared from my ear drums. Read More...
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Eight Years Of World Of Warcraft
by Matt Waitt [ Tuesday, 20th of November 2012 - 01:44 PM ]
On November 23rd, World Of Warcraft will be celebrating its eighth birthday. A major feat for any game. Released back in 2004, World of Warcraft (or WoW) has come a long way, and not just in the literal sense. Since its release, WoW has seen over ten million subscribers, four expansions, over 1500 achievements, and enough quests to last you nearly a decade. I first started playing WoW in September of 2009. My first character ever was a Night Elf Rogue and I explored the lush forests of Teldrasil in my first fifteen levels. Read More...
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Under The Radar: Painkiller HD
by Matt Waitt [ Tuesday, 13th of November 2012 - 05:29 PM ]
The original 2004 PC classic known only as Painkiller has received the HD treatment. I'm not talking the "crappy HD" kind either. Announced back at this year's E3, the HD remake of Painkiller is out right now! for PC. XBox 360 and PS3 owners are going to have to duke it out for another couple of months as their versions will be available come January 22nd, 2013. I loved the original Painkiller with its tons of insane, over-the-top weapons, like the Stake Launcher or the double barreled Shotgun with a liquid nitrogen alt fire. I spent many hours pushing my crappy desktop PC to its limits and beyond while playing Painkiller and every single moment was worth it. Read More...
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Review: WWE 13
by Greg Tatterfield [ Monday, 12th of November 2012 - 06:24 PM ]
The long running wrestling series from THQ is back again with WWE 13. The game features some an updated roster with and a bunch of improvements. Let's start off with the negative points. Hated: There is not much I hated about WWE 13. There were only a few issues that I had with the game. Let's start off with the new single player mode Attitude Mode. Attitude mode lets you relive the best know period in WWE history from 1995 to 2000. The main issue that I had with this mode was the fact that it was so repetitive. Read More...
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Review: Need For Speed Most Wanted
by Greg Tatterfield [ Wednesday, 7th of November 2012 - 04:37 PM ]
Need For Speed Most Wanted marks the second Need For Speed developed by Criterion. Most Wanted is a re-imaging of one the best received entry in the long running series. How does the new game hold up? Find out in my review. Hated: Perhaps what I hated most about Most Wanted is the fact that it just does not feel like Need For Speed anymore. Most Wanted resembles Burnout more then Need For Speed. I felt like they just took Need For Speed and just turned it into a Burnout Paradise sequel with cops. Read More...
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Review: Serious Sam 3: BFE
by Matt Waitt [ Tuesday, 6th of November 2012 - 01:59 PM ]
I'm terribly sorry that this review is finally seeing the light of day. It's just I have been getting my teeth kicked in trying to beat Serious Sam 3: BFE. Where do I start with Serious Sam 3? There is so much to talk about and only so much of your patience so I’m going to dive right in to the goods. This is what a First Person Shooter should be. An insane amount of enemies and destruction? Read More...
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