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Review â The Surge
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 17th of May 2017 - 05:00 PM ]
The Surge We sit down and review The Surge. It's almost like a Sci-Fi version of Dark Souls with other risks involved. Here's our review of The Surge Just as its name, The Surge popped into our lives and then was out for us to play in short order. That's not to say that Deck 13 didn't put in the effort to make it a great game, but we first caught wind of it not too long ago and now here we are giving it a review. Of course, Focus Home Interactive does have a lot of titles in the pipe currently and during the lead up to The Surge finally being released so maybe that is why we had what felt like a rush from announce to release. We aren't here for all that speculation though. Read More...
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Review â Guardians Of The Galaxy â Tangled Up In Blue
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 5th of May 2017 - 05:00 PM ]
Guardians Of The Galaxy We sit down and review Guardians Of The Galaxy — Tangled Up In Blue. This is the first episode of Telltale's version of Guardians Of The Galaxy. Here's our review on how they did With Guardians Of The Galaxy being the big thing right now in the Marvel film universe, it makes sense that we would see the first episode of the new episodic game release here to add to the whole experience. It is not linked to the film or comics, outside of the basics, and is completely something from Telltale Games for us to experience and have fun with before, after, and for a while after we catch the film. We do only have the first episode of this Guardians Of The Galaxy experience so far, but we've had our chance to give it all a whirl and see just how they did. Read More...
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Review â Drawn To Death
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 1st of May 2017 - 05:00 PM ]
Drawn To Death We sit down and review Drawn To Death. It's a new shooter/brawler that take place on a teenager's notebook of doom. Here's our review of Drawn To Death Today is the last day that you PS Plus members can pick up Drawn To Death and then it flows on out into the purchase arena for everyone. Given that fact, we thought it would be high-time to throw together our review of the game and how Bartlet Jones has done with it all over the last month so you can figure out if it is worth the time and money to add it to your PS4. We also wanted to make sure we took our time and watched as Drawn To Death grew and evolved as a good multiplayer title must to keep the fans happy. Read More...
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Review â Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Wednesday, 26th of April 2017 - 05:00 PM ]
Sniper Ghost Warrior We sit down and review Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. I didn't know trash could get a full priced boxed release. Here's our review of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Have you ever wanted to play the hideous love child of Sniper Elite and Modern Warfare? Do you buy a game called Sniper Ghost Warrior expecting fun and exciting sniper missions? Then don’t buy this game. Oh CI Games who hurt you? Read More...
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Review â Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition
by Greg Tatterfield [ Friday, 14th of April 2017 - 01:00 PM ]
Bulletstorm We Sit down and review Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. A re-master of last gen’s action packed underrated shooter. Here's our Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition review The story in Bulletstorm follows Grayson Hunt, a rouge assassin out for revenge against his commander, but this takes a turn for the worst when they crash land on a violent resort planet filled with rival gangs and other dangers. Grayson then must fight for a way off the world to survive. Bulletstorm is an action packed first-person shooter; think of DOOM’s frantic gameplay meets Borderlands' humor then you will have an idea of what to expect. Read More...
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Review â Assault Android Cactus/Western Press
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Wednesday, 12th of April 2017 - 03:00 PM ]
Review We sit down and review She Assault Android Cactus and Western Press. It's time to duel! Reach for the sky! Here's our review of both smaller titles Last year a gem or two slipped past me and I never got around to reviewing them. You may have heard of these little games since they have gone on to garner much critical acclaim. I have since gone back and started playing them again and now they're ready for review. I am sure if you made your way to this article then you already know which games I am referring too, but if you don’t they are Assault Android Cactus and Western Press. Read More...
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Have Another Taste Of Outlast 2 With Some New Gameplay Previews
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 10th of April 2017 - 03:00 PM ]
Outlast 2 New gameplay previews for Outlast 2 have been popping up and they offer up another interesting look at Outlast 2 just before launch In just a few weeks gamers all over the world will be able to get their hands on Outlast 2. Even "down under" where there was all of that hullabaloo bout censoring and such. That has all been hashed out and now it looks like Red Barrels is going out to show off a bit more of a preview for the game than before with April 25th quickly approaching. We've seen a lot of great things over the last few years for Outlast 2, even some solid gameplay, but now is the time to have a look at just what we will be getting on our PS4, Xbox One, or PC when the release date finally make it here. Read More...
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Review â She Remembered Caterpillars
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Monday, 10th of April 2017 - 01:00 PM ]
She Remembered Caterpillars We sit down and review She Remembered Caterpillars. Beautiful, but lacking in fun. Here's our review of She Remembered Caterpillars She Remembered Caterpillars is an indie puzzle game that was released at the beginning of the year that I only recently discovered. It is developed Jumpsuit Entertainment, a small German team, and as far as I can see this is the team's first game together. I felt like it could do with a review. The gameplay for She Remembered Caterpillars isn’t anything special. Read More...
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Review â The Walking Dead: A New Frontier â Above The Law
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 7th of April 2017 - 05:00 PM ]
The Walking Dead We sit down and review The Walking Dead: A New Frontier — Above The Law. This is the third episode of Telltale's continuation on their version of The Walking Dead. Here's our review on how they did It has been some time since the last two episodes for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier were launched. I was hopeful that the back to back releases of the episodes were a sign that Telltale Games was going to get this season out there rather quickly. Sadly that was not the case as it was three months until the third episode for this season of The Walking Dead to release, but release it has. Read More...
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Review â Horizon Zero Dawn
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Thursday, 6th of April 2017 - 03:00 PM ]
Horizon Zero Dawn We sit down and review Horizon Zero Dawn. An open world, post-apocalyptic, robot dinosaurs hunting game. Here's our review of Horizon Zero Dawn In Horizon Zero Dawn you play as Aloy who grows up as an outcast, and an orphan, raised in the wilderness by a man named Rost. He teaches to how to hunt and survive in the wild. One thing that kind of bugged me on a personal level was the names that Guerrilla Games came up with. I get what Guerrilla was trying to do with “Rost” as rust, “Aloy” as alloy, but even simple names from people before the apocalypse have dumb names. Read More...
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Review â Bear With Me: Episode One
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Tuesday, 4th of April 2017 - 01:00 PM ]
Slime-San We sit down and review Bear With Me: Episode One. Dive in to the detective thriller of the century. Here's our review of Bear With Me: Episode One Bear With Me: Episode One has been pretty much an obsession for me. I’ve had rocky experiences with point and click adventure games over the years. Some are so simple it’s not even fun, then some are masochistically hard from making no logical sense. Why would kicking over a rock in the garden, causing you to stumble back, fall into the pool so that the sun can bounce off the waves, and that somehow blinds the cat causing him to jump from his perch on top the coat rack and brush the lock on the door to open it? Read More...
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Review â Slime-San
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Monday, 3rd of April 2017 - 05:00 PM ]
Slime-San We sit down and review Slime-San. Out of this world and into a worm. Here's our review of Slime-San Slime-San is an incredibly hard platformer developed by Fabraz and is the second game from the indie team. I will let my bias be known this type of game really isn’t for me. My main motivation for playing and subsequently reviewing this game was because it’s similarity to Super Meat Boy. I like to challenge myself and Slime-San is the very definition of challenging. At first, it kind of turned me off. Read More...
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Review â Mass Effect: Andromeda
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Monday, 27th of March 2017 - 01:00 PM ]
Mass Effect We sit down and play Mass Effect: Andromeda. We've had some time and now we delve into a full review of Mass Effect: Andromeda Hello again Mass Effect fans. Welcome to my review for Mass Effect: Andromeda. I won’t take much time discussing bugs and things I covered in my first impressions article, but I will get the bad out of the way first. If you’re going to pick this game up then get a can of Raid with it because the bugs are plentiful. One experience I had was on a mission you get from Vetra. Read More...
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Review â Styx: Shards Of Darkness
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 17th of March 2017 - 05:00 PM ]
Styx We sit down and review Styx: Shards Of Darkness. The goblin is back and there is even more to steal & kill. Here's our review of Styx: Shards Of Darkness Styx is finally back and doing what he does best in Styx: Shards Of Darkness; stealing and killing. It's been a long wait since he was the Master Of Shadows and brought his fun to the screen but Cyanide Studios didn't want the little guy falling into the darkness of obscurity and brought us yet another experience through the eyes of the thieving goblin. Hopefully learning from any mistakes and adding in just enough new items to make the game feel the same but enough to warrant the extra funds that Focus Home Interactive doled out for the game. None the less, here's our review on Styx: Shards Of Darkness and just how the game did in our eyes. Read More...
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The Obligatory 2016 Video Games Year In Review List
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 30th of December 2016 - 05:00 PM ]
Video Games There were a lot of video games that came out in 2016 and we tried to review as many video games as we could. Here's a recap of them all The year is finally over and there were a lot of great video games that came out. There were also a lot of shitty ones in the mix as well. Just like every year there were all over the place and we had a chance to give a good chunk of them all a play and thus a review. Hells, we even had some movies based on video games mixed in to add an extra level of interest here. It of course isn't a list of all video games that came out this year but it is a list of what we had to experience over here in our little part of the world. Read More...
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