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CES 2014 Hands On: PlayStation Now
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 9th of January 2014 - 12:32 PM ]
Sony unveiled PlayStation Now at this year's CES and had a little taste of it on the show floor. Here's what I discovered while giving it a whirl. In case you have missed the announcement, Sony has announced PlayStation Now as a new video game streaming service coming to the PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and Bravia TVs in the near future. Think of it along the lines of OnLive or the PC game streaming feature from GameFly but aimed at PlayStation games and at Sony products solely. That is the general gist of things but here's a bit more of a break down for you. Read More...
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CES 2014 Hands On: Steam Machine
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 7th of January 2014 - 05:50 PM ]
The Steam Machine is one of the hot items at this year's CES and I was lucky enough to get all handsie with one of the units and controllers. What did I think? The Steam Machine had to be one of the top things I wanted to check out at this year's CES in Las Vegas, NV and it just happened to be the first thing to kick off my experience. To those who don't know what they are you can check out more info here so I don't have to get into the details of the device(s). For those of you who do have a clue, then read on and see what my I think. Read More...
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Aggrocast Episode Ninety Nine: E3 2012 Day Zero Recap
by Brian Bentley [ Tuesday, 5th of June 2012 - 08:53 PM ]
The Electronic Entertainment Expo has descended for 2012. Day Zero brings Press Conferences galore with Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony all taking their respective stages. Brian, Corey and Matt sat down directly after the Sony presser to talk over the days activities. Before getting into the meat of E3, Brian shines the Community Spotlight on Epic Games and the incredible outreach they did for the misplaced veterans of Big Huge Games. Then, it's time for the bread and butter of E3: press conferences. The guys discuss what they saw and break down what they loved, what they were disappointed by and what surprised them in the short 10-plus hours prior provided by the industry. Read More...
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Aggrocast Episode Ninety One: 2012 Prognostications
by Brian Bentley [ Tuesday, 24th of January 2012 - 12:00 PM ]
2012 is starting off strong here at Aggrogamer with a rousing (and slightly longish) discussion here on the Aggrocast. Corey, Matt and Brian talk about the slew of demos they've played including Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Warp and The Darkness II. Care / Don't Care has the guys talking about what Brian saw at CES 2012 and Community Spotlight shines on the ECA and their exceptional showing during the recent fight against SOPA. Lastly, the guys wrap up the show with their predictions on where 2012 will go for the gaming industry with a take on Care / Don't Care called I Believe / Make Believe. Then, right before the crew wraps up, Corey throws out for discussion the recent job posting by Blizzard for their next MMO. Read More...
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CES 2012: Nyko Gets You Ready For Vita
by Brian Bentley [ Friday, 20th of January 2012 - 05:47 PM ]
With the US release of the PlayStation Vita looming on February 22nd, CES 2012 was buzzing with information about the handheld device. One aspect you may not have considered is about what kind of peripheral hardware will be available to utilize with your PS Vita. I can tell you that Nyko has spent a lot of time considering the needs of the Vita consumer and they have you covered. I stopped by the Nyko booth at CES and found a solid Vita hardware lineup for you to enjoy. First, the item that stood out the most was the Speaker Stand. Read More...
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CES 2012 Hands On: Sorcery
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 17th of January 2012 - 06:02 PM ]
Here's a title that was announced when the Move controller was first brought up on the E3 show floor. Since then, there has been very little on Sorcery outside of the recent game play videos. You can only imagine how I felt when I saw that Sony was showing this title off in their gaming section at CES. Finally we got to see how the game has evolved and how it will actually play. Also if it was going to hold up to my anticipations of being a Move game that could actually push the motion controller off of shelves and into use. Read More...
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CES 2012 Hands On: Warp
by Brian Bentley [ Tuesday, 17th of January 2012 - 12:06 PM ]
At CES 2012, Microsoft was showing off their upcoming promotion set to begin on February 15th – Xbox Live House Party. A new XBLA title released each Wednesday for four weeks, House Party plans to grab your attention with hot titles, then monopolize your week as you ready for the next installment. You've already seen the previews on two of the four titles – Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and I Am Alive. Now, we’ll jump into EA's offering to XBLA’s version of pot luck dinner: Warp. Read More...
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CES 2012 Hands On: Alan Wake: American Nightmare
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 16th of January 2012 - 05:41 PM ]
So I'd feel like I was not doing things right here if I didn't tell you that this is more of a hands on with Alan Wake: American Nightmare's new game mode, Fight 'til Dawn. There wasn't much to look at or play around with in the single player mode at CES outside of the few tidbits below. So there is that out there. Now let me get into what I did get to play around with. Plain and simple what I got to see was Alan Wake in a Survival Mode or Horde Mode, depending on how you want to look at it. Read More...
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CES 2012 Hands On: I Am Alive
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 16th of January 2012 - 02:07 PM ]
Talk about a game that has an aptronym. That's a name that describes what it does for those scratching their head there. I Am Alive has survived a near cancelation and multiple delays since it was first announced Darkworks was developing it almost four years ago. It was brought in house to Ubisoft Shanghai and is still very much alive. In fact I got to get all handsie with a demo being shown by the game's director. So let me break down where the game is now from the original announcement. Read More...
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CES 2012: Sony Wants You To Go 3G
by Brian Bentley [ Friday, 13th of January 2012 - 07:53 PM ]
During CES this year, Sony made more than a few announcements to entice users to not only purchase a PlayStation Vita, but for them to invest the extra $50 and spring for the 3G model. For the unfamiliar, the 3G data will be provided by AT&T. Ever since Sony announced the 3G version at E3 2011, there have been more than a few skeptics as to how useful a 3G version would be. I am of the opinion that Sony heard the cries of their constituents and worked with AT&T and their other partners to attempt to make the 3G model appealing. Here is a list of factors that may have you thinking about going 3G. Read More...
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CES 2012: Six Facts About The PS Vita
by Brian Bentley [ Thursday, 12th of January 2012 - 07:55 PM ]
I will be one of the first people to admit that I have remained skeptical on the PlayStation Vita - even after putting hands on to the high-end handheld at E3 2011. The announced price point of $250 for the wi-fi version wasn't even enough to convince me. Then compounded on that the decrease in sales in the Japanese market after launch, I was beginning to believe that I would be definitely passing on the Vita. I'm not going to say that I've been thoroughly convinced here at CES 2012, but with only a month or so remaining until the US launch of the PlayStation Vita, my views have definitely shifted away from doubtful towards probable. Here are some of the things I've learned here at CES that may help move you as well. Read More...
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CES 2012: AT&T Reveals PS Vita Data Pricing Structure
by Brian Bentley [ Monday, 9th of January 2012 - 02:59 PM ]
At the AT&T Dev Summit this morning, the large phone carrier announced the price structure for the 3G data plans to be offered to owners of the PlayStation Vita who have spent the extra $50 for the 3G-enabled version of the handheld device. Announced on their twitter, AT&T put forth that for $14.99, you can use 250MB of data, while $25 will afford you 2GB. The best part of this announcement is that both plans will come to you contract-free. Read More...
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We Got To See A Hydra Use A Portal At CES
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 14th of January 2011 - 06:24 PM ]
At last year's CES we were introduced to a product called Sixense. It was a motion controller being made by one of the smaller companies Razor had under its wing. Sixense was a really cool device with A LOT of potential, but nothing seems to have happened over the last year. Well at least nothing all too public. While wandering the booths of CES the AggroGamer team happened upon the new design and updated controller in the wild. Something we almost missed out on as it has been give then new name of Hydra and an extremely different design. Read More...
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A Date With Capcom At CES
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 12th of January 2011 - 12:20 PM ]
CES is generally not known for the game developers rocking out their new products and IPs. That is what E3 is for and we all know that. Capcom likes to break the mold and show up in force every year just to spread a bit more of the word on all of their upcoming titles. In this case, the titles were Marvel vs. Capcom 3, MotoGP 10/11, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and Okamiden - all of which I was able to put hands on. Let the impressions begin! Read More...
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Name An A.I. After Yourself In Fat Princess
by Binh Nguyen [ Friday, 16th of April 2010 - 08:55 PM ]
Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own character in a video game? Well wonder no more as Atomic Operations has announced a Fat Princess Biggest Fan Contest. They are looking for the King or Queen of Fat Princess. Someone who has ruled the rankings, has directed some of the weirdest winnings and who also loves cake more than the Princess herself. If you have all of those qualities than you could be the next A.I. Read More...
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