We're all use to it by now. A new game is coming out. A date is chosen for launch. When there is little over a month or two before the launch, the date get's changed and we all should have thought so in the first place. At least that is generally the case. And it is kind of the case here with Sucker Punch's date for inFAMOUS. Only we won't be sad at all about the date, unless they could have used the extra time to polish things up.

The date for the game just moved up to May 26th now. Which either means everything is going to town or they are trying to get the jump on the Summer game releases. Either way, good news for everyone of you that have been waiting for this game. Lets just hope that it is because they don't think they can improve anything else with the game and not just looking for big sales.

Going hand in hand with this ramped up release schedule, they are also suppose to be pre-orders, with pre-order exclusives going on as well. No word on to where these pre-orders are happening, but they have described the little extras you can get by shelling out the five bucks to hold a copy for ya early.

  • An exclusive 'Gigawatt Blades' Super Power: The Gigawatt Blades supercharges Cole's arm into an instrument of destruction unmatched by any other melee weapon in game. Although very powerful, you'll still have to use this weapon wisely, as it takes a considerable drain on your powers.
  • Limited-edition inFamous costume for Home Avatar - Look like one of the REAPER gang members.
  • Early access to the official Game Demo. Be one of the first to play inFamous on May 7th.

Images for the Blades and Reaper are below, but I beg to ask the question, who would not go with the extra in-game power over the others. The game demo will be out the week before launch, so it makes no sense to pine over getting it a few extra weeks early. The Home costume is more of a bragging right that you shelled out the cash to get the game but would rather have a new costume for something that isn't used all that much over a cool in game power. My bet is that Game Stop will most likely have those codes when they bring about the details on who to pre-order through.

Gigawatt Blades

Home Avatar

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