End Of An Age

Do you remember how about 10 months ago there was this game that was all the hype. I think it was called Age of Conan. Yea that's the one. The game that was plagued with a lot of build up and no pay off. Buggy as hell and pretty much done in a way that an MMO should not have been placed out there. Can you sense the upset from me?

Well if you do, and if you are one of the few players that are still into the game, then it may sadden you to know that they are closing down 31 of their servers that gamers where once playing on. That means they just went from 49 to 18 servers worldwide for running their game. The most dramatic here in the US where they went from 24 servers down to 6. This is a huge drop in servers for the game.

Interestingly, they are still working on content for the higher levels and end game stuff for those who are still around playing the game. You would think that if they were shutting down that many servers for the game they would assume that the whole thing is going the way of the dinosaurs. But I guess kudos for not letting go of the team that is responsible for all that given the economic situation. It just seems like they are still clinging to a crumbling empire. We'll see how this pans out for the game in the not to distant future.

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