Outlast 2 Has A New Cryptic Teaser That Points At A Major Reveal

Outlast 2

Another creepy teaser for Outlast 2 has been released and this one also holds no Outlast 2 gameplay but some speculate it points to when we will get that

Another cryptic and uninformative video for Outlast 2 has popped up online here. Last we saw and heard from Red Barrels about this game was back in January and it was just a basic screenshot that really didn't provide us all with much of anything. That is the general hope with each new update and release for Outlast 2 or really any other video game out there. Seeing as it still is slated for a Fall release of this year we still have a lot of time to get some juicy tidbits before we delve into another nightmare of a game. Nightmare being a good thing here.

Sadly though all we have here is a new and very cryptic video that doesn't do much in the way of showing off Outlast 2. In fact at first glance and watch there isn't much more than creepy music, garbled speech, and the upside-down cross used for the logo. Before you press on though give it a look and we'll dive in deeper in a moment.

Outlast 2 — Jude 1:14-15

I am certain that like me you heard the speaking and instantly heard that it was something in reverse. Based on the title of the video it was also a nice and easy jump to think it is a reverse quote out of the Christian bible given that Outlast 2 is diving into the insanity that goes along with the religion there. Thankfully some great people online have already reversed the video and given us the actual speech that has nothing to do with Jude 1:14-15 from what I can see. We'll also have the transcription below that.

Outlast 2 — Jude 1:14-15 - Reversed

“Children, you lovers of God and remonstrate defenders of his paradise, all our years of suffering come together now in this glorious day of peace. Peace! Even in the corrupt and filthy tongue of the Romans in the Puritan city. On the 4th month and 22nd day, of the 16th year of the 3rd millennium, our reckoning begins. The spider eyed lamb waits at the Howlers breach, hungry for this world. Ready your knives for the good Earth thirsts for blood, and we: like the angels, must show no mercy. God loves you.”

Creepy and just what we would assume Outlast 2 to have in it already right? Now if only Red Barrels would give us some gameplay or better screenshots we would be in a great place.

Well if you re-read the above or listen closely it would seem that could only be a few weeks out. The speculation based on what we have here for Outlast 2 is that we are going to get a nice huge update on everything on April 22nd here. Specifically the quote of "4th month and 22nd day, of the 16th year of the 3rd millennium" there. Obviously that date is important or it wouldn't have been placed in there but as to what we will see for Outlast 2 that is still the question. I'm going to bet on trailer or screenshots but we'll have to wait and see.

What do you think we will see for Outlast 2 on the 22nd? Do you think that the date was selected at random and just placed into the video for no real reason? Do you enjoy this kind of countdown over the usual ones that we get from other studios and publishers? Let us know what you think and discuss in the comments below. For more on Outlast 2 and other horror titles be sure to keep your browser locked in right here for all of that. Hopefully that date will give us loads of new stuff.