Watch PlayStation's 2015 E3 Press Conference Right Here

He we go for the wrap of the day's press events at E3 with PlayStation's big showcasing. Always going last in the list of things and trying to save the best for last to take on the rivals and have something to show that hasn't been shown at any of the other events thus far. Maybe we will hear that PlayStation 4 will be fully backwards compatible just as the Xbox One was announced. That would be a huge kicker outside of seeing Uncharted 4 in action as well as most likely seeing something for Final Fantasy XV and/or Kingdom Hearts 3. Those would be the titles that would make a whole lot of sense outside of the other titles already going to be at their fan event on Wednesday here.

I won't lie; I'd call E3 over for PlayStation if they announced a true God Of War title in the mix or that Until Dawn was going to be a Morpheus title as well. I think that won't happen here during the PlayStation presser but it would be amazing to see or hear. I personally didn't find much to write home about for the Microsoft presser and am a bit hard pressed, based on what I've heard so far for PlayStation, to see them surpassing them in hype. Who knows though? It could happen. At least here and not on the show floor. I guess we'll all have to sit back and watch.

While watching the PlayStation media briefing you can also add in your thoughts and hopes down in the comments below for what you want to see. Hells, even if you just want to add your thoughts as the video plays on. We want to know what you want to see and hear for PlayStation here at E3. We'll also be on the floor updating everything we can so be sure to keep your browser locked in here for all of those updated.

PlayStation — E3 2015 Press Conference