So Many God Of War: Ascension Spoilers It Makes Kratos Sad

It's been a bit since we've had some real updates or news about God Of War: Ascension so it would seem a good time to give a bit more. Screw it. Not a bit more. Let's go ahead and let loose the first 30 minutes of the game, a few screen shots, a video on how they made the Manticore, and the teased Super Bowl commercial. How does that sound? Spectacular is the word you are looking for.

That does sound like quite a bit. So first, if you feel so inclined here's the biggest item here. The first 30 minutes of single player game play. I won't say much more for those of you who don't want to spoil any of the game. I've seen it and it doesn't go too far into anything, but it does show quite a bit of the features that were perfected before making their way in here.

Also, what is interesting to see is the lack of QTE prompts on the screen. They go a bit more into that in the Manticore video below, but what it does do is make all the fights quite a bit more cinematic as there is no HUD or popups to pull you out of the immersion. I'll leave you with that for now though.

First 30 Minutes

God Of War: Ascension God Of War: Ascension God Of War: Ascension God Of War: Ascension God Of War: Ascension
God Of War: Ascension God Of War: Ascension God Of War: Ascension God Of War: Ascension God Of War: Ascension
God Of War: Ascension

Moving on, we have a pretty cool video that showcases the Manticore "boss" in the game. From concept art to combat design, the team over at Santa Monica walks you through the full process as well as gives us a very in-depth look at all the fine details of the creature. Artist out there might find it all the more interesting, but even us lay-people can enjoy this look.

It is also interesting on how they explain how they went about removing the QTE commands and left cues from the characters on when to dodge, attack, or do whatever you need to defeat them when things move into a "close up" of the fight. You can see this a few more times in the above 30 Minute clip, but just picture what they explained with the Manticore and apply it to other enemies and creatures. That way you don't have to spoil any of the game.

Making Of The Manticore

Lastly, here is the teased Super Bowl commercial. Why they aired it online two days before I don't understand, but here it is. I do like the guy they have portraying Kratos here worlds more than the duck-faced Kratos in the PlayStation All-Stars commercial. So there is that. It's also nice to see that there is the capacity to try and make a live action film based on the franchise and make it look cool. Now if only they could knock out a script. But I digress.

Super Bowl Commercial

So what did you think? Sound off below.