Silent Hill: Revelations Looks Like It Will Further The Franchise Well

So below you'll see a clip from the film, at an undefined place in the film, featuring the nurses and main characters needing to survive and escape. The scene mention above follows the same premise only it starts with one of the actors bound in plastic wrap and instead of nurses there is the Mannequin. Now while you won't be able to see that scene here or yet online, I can completely ensure you that it is crazier and more intense than the below one. Even though it is one of the few shots that relied completely on CG for the monster and not costuming it felt to really capture the essence of the game.

Beyond seeing the clips, not a lot more was really announced outside of the story being based around Silent Hill 3 and the clip here is one of the tame scenes of the film. Worth mentioning though, as it was announced during the panel, is that fans will be able to actually experience the game this October at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights. That is that at both U.S. locations there will be a "haunted house" set up as if you were personally in the game experiencing everything the characters of both game and film do/did. This also includes all of the franchise favorites as "scares." Kind of cool for the diehard fans.

Check everything out below or at Both look amazingly cool.

Silent Hill Clip

Halloween Horror Night Announcement