We Get Ambushed By The Latest 'The Last Of Us' Trailer

I'll be honest; I have not been overly excited about The Last Of Us. Go ahead and read any of my stuff on the game. With the past trailers and screens it really just feels like another post apocalypse game. To go further, it feels like Naughty Dog has paid off other sites and journalists to hype the game more than they should. I'm talking specifically when they posted a picture of the enemies that everyone and their mother said was utterly disgusting. It really isn't to the point everyone was saying.

Moving along though, below you will see a new trailer for the game. When comparing to the first images and trailer we were shown, it can be assumed that it is also along the same lines as in-game. It looks great, but this is not the thing that caught my attention and revitalized my interest in the game. It is the actual events of the clip that caught my eye and attention.

The actions that the "enemy" NPCs take and the "naïveté" of Ellie to me seems exactly how humans will devolve and act no matter the cause of "the end." It looks more to me that the story will be one of the driving factors in The Last Of Us for me. At least if the who game keeps this feel and kind of action. Now I have yet another game I need to look out for at this year's E3. Thanks Naughty Dog.