Rise Of Immortals Enters Open Beta

Well if getting a sneak peak of the soon-to-be released title isn't enough, players that participate in the open beta test will get 1000 Petroglyph coins at launch (a little over $10 micro-transaction cash). Also, to show off players battle prowess and that you had a head start (I'm sure everyone will have it by launch) players will receive an exclusive Immortal skin. Check it out below!

The skin is the gold version of the Robot riding Psychozen, and his name...."The King of Bling." Beta testers will have access to "The King of Bling" throughout the beta test, and after launch. Players can also experience the new player versus environment (PvE) maps to get their feet and a little experience before playing with the big boys in the PvP matches.

Keep an eye out on their site http://www.riseofimmortals.com for mass amounts of updates in the days to come, but until then, get in that arena and kick some immortal ass!