Seems Like Forever Since The Last Duke Nukem'

All kidding aside, it is true that this is no hoax and everything you are about to see is real and we'll get to play it here in a few months. I am glad to see that the twelve year wait should be totally worth it. This trailer and game play here look over the top in a good way. Too bad that things had to be blurred out for syndication reasons, but we should all have a good grasp on what is behind the pixilated parts of the video. If not, then where are your parents and why are you watching the Duke Nukem' Forever trailer? Shame on you.

I just hope like a good film that they didn't blow their load in the trailer here giving us all the good stuff. Doubtful, extremely doubtful, but it could be a concern. That and I needed something negative to write about here instead of having to wait until May for the game.

Duke Nukem Forever Duke Nukem Forever