Comic Con Impressions: Twisted Metal

All those were all strongly touched on by David Jaffe at this year's Comic Con. This included showing a few behind-the-scenes views of the "cut scenes" they will be using for Twisted Metal. We also received a treat from Sony - as the giveaways couldn't pass customs - by seeing a few new levels that have not been completed or fully announced. The new Roof Top level being one of those.

First let me touch on something that seems to be a point of contention on what was announced.

At Comic Con, Eat Sleep Play focused on four characters for Twisted Metal: Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grim, Dollface and Preacher. Only the first three in that list will be available during the main campaigns of the game and each will have live-action shorts filmed for the introduction and endings. There will also be three different endings per character all based on game difficulty.

Now before you go off on only three main characters, THIS IS ONLY FOR STORY MODE. It was also announced that you will be able to use ANY of the 16 vehicles in the single player mode. Once you hop over to multiplayer, everything will be available. They wanted to focus on telling three good stories instead of trying to cram a plethora of crummy stories into the single player mode. Not bad in my book at all.

Speaking of the multiplayer and what was already shown at E3, there was not much more brought up except for a quick explanation of Nuke mode for those not in the know. That is not to say there was nothing new shown for maps. We did get to see the new roof tops, in a partially finished mode, which will be most likely the last level of the game.

Unlike in other TM games, this level is more focused on knowing where your opponents are instead of searching about the roofs to find where they may be hiding. On top of that, some of the iconic instances of past games - the glass pyramid atrium, for one - make their way back in. Also worth mentioning, is the idea thrown around of level-altering events. Think along the lines of Split/Second mixed in and you'll get what I'm talking about. This was not confirmed, rather just a passing comment/want.

At the end of the panel for Twisted Metal, I left not only wanting the new one even more, but wanting to go back and replay all of the older games in preparation. This Twisted Metal, even with some of the frowned-on comments from the masses, looks to be a perfect addition to the franchise. Eat Sleep Play needs to get cracking and get this game perfected and released ASAP.