Comic Con Day 4: The Final Let Down

Well unlike before, it seems that all those who mattered and not the flesh craved PR of the companies had the bright idea of going home a day early. Maybe the stabbing scared them off. Maybe they too were done with the outbreak of stupid they had to endure for the last few days. Maybe they also had to get back to work on the things we all love to play/read/watch. Whatever the case, it seemed the staple that if you didn't have some big showing or discussion to be at it was time to leave.

So again I got to witness the masses be the asses they have been becoming - this time with their spawn as well. The last day is also known as "kids day." This fact made it nigh impossible to even get further handsie with some of the other game titles being shown. So I reflected.

After all that has happened and what I personally witnessed, what has Comic Con become?

The entire event has been commercialized to turn a profit for those running the con, it would seem. Not to mention for the city of San Diego. On top of that, it has created another five day long holiday that is akin to "Dress Like A Slut Night" (read Halloween). Is this convention for fans of Comics, Video Games, Movies, TV or Art anymore? It doesn't seem that way at all. If it was, why would a convention designed to celebrate geek culture be turned into a highly publicized orgy of partial nudity and eye gouging?

I feel I am one of the ones that fall into the category of what Comic Con originally stood for, but what I went through for five days was very little along those lines. I honestly found myself excited and feeling like fan for a few things. The rest of the time I spent fighting off the ravenous nature of the Nerdbies and LookAt-mies. I know I complained about this at last year's "Look Back" at Comic Con, but this year all of the things I was worried about had finally become the bread and butter of Comic Con.

We only have those who refuse to admit that this convention is no longer what it is meant to be to blame for this. Also, those who refuse to see any validity to my words. You have let the guise of half naked females, free shit and "celebrities" cloud your view of what is truly going on.

For those of you who think I only have negativity from this event, let me say this. The negative sides greatly outweighed the positive. Stay tuned here for the soon-to-come articles showcasing some of the positives mentioned as well as some others.